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So, my first ever blog. What to write about. Hmmm. I'm usually the type of guy who doesn't share feelings publicly, but I guess it can't do any harm to start being a little more open!


I'll use this little section to share stories, wax lyrical on my favourite musical and non musical heroes, and perhaps reveal a little more about what makes me tick. Of course, that is inherent in my songwriting, so perhaps you will pick up on some clues to future songs right here in these blogs.


This month my pet hates -


Smoking. I hate it. I hate being around it. I grew up playing gigs in smokey bars, thick and choking, and had to take big gulps of air to sing. Of course along with oxygen came passive smoke. I've never smoked myself; my hero growing up was my Uncle Keith, who played football for Cardiff City and Wales. 'Dont you ever smoke!' he said. At age 7 I certainly didn't want to let my Uncle Keith down, as I tried in vain to persue a career in football, not realising that my calling lie elsewhere..


Now what amazes me that the smoking ban is now in force across the UK, but all the smokers congregate by the exit doors, so you HAVE to walk through passive smoke to get in or out. Smart move? I don't think so.


Anyway, if you do smoke, I don't hate you. On the contrary, a lot of my friends smoke. At one point, apart from me, my whole family smoked. Thankfully it's becoming less socially acceptable. I do think you should quit though. You might live a little longer and be able to buy more MPG merch!


If you're thinking about starting smoking, just think about what my Uncle Keith said. You wouldn't want to let him down now, would you?